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Severed Sun is an experienced band who loves to write original music, and play for people who enjoy heavy music!!


Metal/Hard Rock/Groove Metal

Band Members:

Kevin - Guitars
Rod - Vocals
Ricky - Guitars
Daryl - Bass
Justin - Drums


Central Florida (Orlando/Clermont)



Severed Sun is known for infectious hook riffs, driving rhythms, a strong vocal range, and blistering leads. 

With songs that run from catchy bluesy hard rock, to down-tuned sludge, to full on speed metal, to deep and spacey clean pieces, Severed Sun offers something for almost any musical taste, but always with a heavy metal flare. 

Severed Sun currently has two EPs, Strength Judged By Power, and Catacombs,  that can be found on, as well as most streaming outlets such as Spotify and iTunes. Catacombs was released on April 28th, 2022 for worldwide release through Metal Scrap Records. 



Severed Sun always delivers an energetic, tight, and memorable live performance. They have been performing live shows for over 10 years, and have played along side notable acts such as Quiet Riot, Green Jelly, Madam Mayhem, The D.O.O.D., From Blue to Grey, Meka Nism, F.I.L.T.H., Murderfly, and SoulSwitch. 

Severed Sun completed their Last Rites Tour in 2018, which saw them take stages across 9 states along the US eastern seaboard, including the famous Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ. 


From The Depths of Entertainment
"Severed Sun are a Metal band from Florida who recently released this EP that is filled to the brim with a Metal sound to make any Metalhead happy for quite some time. The opening track "Strength Judged by Power" is intense and gets the adrenaline pumping right away. It's heavy, in your face and takes no prisoners as the riffs and breakdowns keep churning. The track overall has a Black Label Society feel to it. "Puzzle" keeps the chaos coming at a rapid pace. The track is the shortest track on the EP but still packs a ton of punch. It's straight up Heavy Metal that'll sure get heads banging along. The guitar solo on the track simply shreds like crazy. "Full Of Grace" features a guitar riff that is highly infectious. The slowed down/bouncy nature of the track combined with the stellar riff makes this a truly stand out track. It teeters on Hard Rock more than Metal but it still has the Metal tendencies. "Devil In A Cadillac" is a crushing track that goes full speed ahead. It brings to mind the early sound of Mudvayne mixed with Megadeth. The track is explosive and any fan of Metal should definitely check out the high octane track. The closing track "Codependent Blues" encompasses everything that Severed Sun is all about. It's fast, heavy and destructive. The haunting vocals mixed with the heavy instrumentation work very well and when it goes into the next level, the track has shades of early Metallica. It's an incredible closer for an extremely solid Metal release.

Get your fill of heavy Metal with this six track EP from Severed Sun."


The title track from Severed Sun's EP, Strength Judge By Power, was featured on the 2018 film, Taste Me: Death-scort Service Part 3.


Severed Sun is accepting bookings for 2024 and 2025. To book Severed Sun for a show, an event, an interview, or a festival, please contact us with any inquiries through our website link:
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